50 Most Common Steel Building Glossary & Terminology

Source: https://www.vikingmetalgarages.com/infographics/50-most-common-steel-building-glossary-terminology


Like any industry, metal building has various terms that aren’t common in our day-to-day lives. Unless you are a Pro in the metal building industry, these terminologies would appear weird. Hence, we are providing you with a batch of commonly used metal building terminologies. So, check out this lingo guide created into an Infographic and learn about common metal building terminologies.

Descriptive Guide To Metal Building Insulation


Source: https://www.vikingsteelstructures.com/carports-infographics/descriptive-guide-metal-building-insulation


Adding metal building insulation is essential, no matter what you plan to use it for. Let’s check how insulating your steel structure can offer you an extensive range of benefits.

Decrease Heat Transfer
Improve Moisture Control
Reduce Noise
Save on Energy
Protection Against Bird and Rodent Nesting
Check out this detailed infographic to learn everything about Metal Building Insulation.