How to Pick a New Paint Color for Your Home


Re-doing your home’s interior design can be a worthwhile investment. If you’re intimidated by your paint color options, here are a few tips to narrow them down to your ideal shade.

It Sets the Mood

Just because a certain color is your favorite doesn’t mean it’s automatically a good choice for your walls. Instead, consider the mood you want to set in each room.

It Adds to Property Value

If you’re planning on selling your home within the next decade, consider picking colors that are universally attractive. Otherwise, you might spend more time and money re-painting your walls.

It Already Matches Your Décor

What are the main colors in your paintings, vases, curtains, or furniture? Consider choosing a color that complements these items in a tasteful way. You should decide on what decor or furniture will stay before picking your colors.

It’s Cohesive with the Rest of Your Home

Even though each room has its own theme and function, consider keeping one consistent color in each room rather than selecting completely different color schemes.

It Has Zero or Low VOC’s

If you or your children have allergies or frequent headaches, you should narrow your choices to brands with low or zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). Then, consider your color options within that range.

You Feel Good About It

In the end, this is your home! You should commit to a color that you genuinely love. Before picking your final color, envision yourself in your home with that color and go with your gut.


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